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ESP32 Firmware to communicate with EMS heating appliances~

EMS-ESP Logo EMS-ESP is an open-source firmware for the Espressif ESP32 microcontroller that communicates with EMS (Energy Management System) based equipment from manufacturers like Bosch, Buderus, Nefit, Junkers, Worcester and Sieger

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Current Releases
v3.5.1 Stable
v3.6.0 Development

New Features in v3.5.0~

February 6 2023: The next major is released!

Now with multi language support in German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Polish and Norwegian. We are looking for volunteers to help translate to other languages so if you want to help please get in contact with us on Discord. login page

And a new entity customization feature to change the entity attributes that get sent to home automation systems.

See a live demo and the full list of features in the change log.

⚠ Breaking Changes in v3.5 ⚠~


When upgrading to v3.5 for the first time from v3.4 on a BBQKees Gateway board you will need to use the EMS-EPS Flasher to correctly re-partition the flash. Make sure you backup the settings and customizations from the WebUI (System->Upload/Download) and restore after the upgrade.

Join Our Community~

For feedback, questions, live troubleshooting or just general chat


Everybody is welcome and invited to contribute to the EMS-ESP Project by:

  • providing Pull Requests (Features, Proof of Concepts, Language files or Fixes)
  • testing new released features and report issues
  • donating to acquire hardware for testing and implementing or out of gratitude
  • contributing missing documentation for features and devices

Report bugs and suggest features~

Open a new topic on EMS-ESP discussions

Report a bug in EMS-ESP issues

Last update: May 28, 2023