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Adding Languages

How to add language XY to the WebUI:~

  • Download the SVG flag from here and place in interface/src/i18n
  • Create the folder XY in interface/src/i18n
  • Copy interface/src/i18n/en/index.ts to interface/src/i18n/XY/index.ts
  • Change in the first and last line en to your language and in the first lines BaseTranslation to Translation
  • Edit interface/src/i18n/XY/index.ts and replace the English texts by your language
  • Edit interface/src/components/layout/LayoutAuthMenu.tsx and add the following:
import { ReactComponent as XYflag } from 'i18n/XY.svg';
        <MenuItem key="xy" value="xy">
          <XYflag style={{ width: 16, verticalAlign: 'middle' }} />
  • Edit interface/src/SignIn.tsx and add a button:
import { ReactComponent as XYflag } from './i18n/XY.svg';
      <Button size="small" variant={locale === 'XY' ? 'contained' : 'outlined'} onClick={() => selectLocale('XY')}>
        <XYflag style={{ width: 24 }} />
  • Navigate to the interface folder and type npm run standalone or npm run typesafe-i18n and test the WebUI

How to add language XY to device entities:~

  • Edit interface/src/project/SettingsApplication.tsx and insert in selection box (~ line 345):
    <MenuItem value="xy">NewLanguage (XY)</MenuItem>
  • Edit src/system.cpp line 45 and append EMSESP_LOCALE_XY to the languages[] array
  • Edit src/local_translations.h and append the defines by adding
    #define EMSESP_LOCALE_XY "xy"
  • add your translation as , "your text" at the end of each MAKE_PSTR_LIST() inside the bracket it should look something like this: MAKE_PSTR_LIST(tag, "en", "de", "nl", "se", "pl", "xy")
  • Compile, flash, test