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List of Thermostats~

This is the current list of supported thermostats from Buderus, Nefit, Sieger, Junkers and Bosch:

  • TC100/Moduline Easy EASY
  • EasyControl CT200 EASY
  • UI800/BC400
  • RC10
  • RC20/Moduline 300
  • Moduline 400
  • RC10/Moduline 100
  • Moduline 200
  • RC35
  • RC10/Moduline 100
  • RC20RF
  • RFM20 Remote
  • RC25
  • RC200/CW100
  • RC300/RC310/Moduline 3000/1010H/CW400/Sense II/HPC410
  • RC100/Moduline 1000/1010
  • Rego 2000/3000
  • Comfort RF CRF
  • CRF200S CRF
  • Comfort+2RF CRF
  • Rego 3000/UI800 RC300
  • ES72/RC20
  • FW100
  • FW200
  • FR110
  • FB10
  • FB100
  • FR10
  • FW500
  • FR50
  • FR120
  • RT800
  • RC100H
  • TR120RF/CR20RF


These thermostats below unfortunately do not support direct EMS write commands so will appear in EMS-ESP as read-only devices:

  • Buderus Logamatic TC100, Bosch EasyControl CT200, Junkers CT100, Moduline Easy. See here
  • Junkers FW/FR build before 9/2008 (FD889). See here
  • Tado Thermostats

Device Entities~


The actual thermostat commands below will vary depending on which Thermostat brand and model you have. This list is also not complete and subject to change between versions.

command data id comments
datetime <ntp \|> RC35, RC100, RC300, dw:day of week: 0-mo,.. dst:daylight saving 0/1
wwmode <off \| on \| auto> RC100, RC300, RC30, RC35
wwsettemp <degrees> RC100, RC300
wwsettemplow <degrees> RC100, RC300
wwcircmode <off \| on \| auto \| own> RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
wwcharge <off \| on> RC100, RC300
clockoffset <seconds> RC30
language <n> RC30 (0=de, 1=nl, 2=fr, 3=it)
display <n> RC30 (0=int temp, 1= int set, 2=ext temp, 3=burner, 4=ww, 5=mode, 6=time, 7=date, 8=smoke)
minexttemp <degrees> RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
calinttemp <degrees> RC30, RC35
building <light \| medium \| heavy> RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
temp <degrees> heating circuit actual setpoint depending on mode
mode <auto \| night \| day \| nofrost \| heat \| eco> heating circuit
manualtemp <degrees> heating circuit RC100, RC300
ecotemp <degrees> heating circuit RC100, RC300, Junkers
heattemp <degrees> heating circuit Junkers
comforttemp <degrees> heating circuit RC100, RC300
summermode <winter \| auto \| summer> heating circuit RC100, RC300
summertemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
nighttemp <degrees> heating circuit RC20, RC30, RC35
daytemp <degrees> heating circuit RC20, RC30, RC35
daytemp2 <degrees> heating circuit RC20
daytemp3 <degrees> heating circuit RC20
daytemp4 <degrees> heating circuit RC20
nofrosttemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300, Junkers
remotetemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35
control <off \| RC20 \| RC3x> heating circuit RC30, RC35 (roomcontrol for hc)
pause <hours> heating circuit RC30, RC35
party <hours> heating circuit RC30, RC35
holiday < \|> heating circuit RC30, RC35, use - for 'away from home', + for 'at home'
designtemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
offsettemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
holidaytemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35
roominfluence <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
minflowtemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
maxflowtemp <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
flowtempoffset <degrees> heating circuit RC30, RC35
program <0 - 10 \| 1 - 9 \| 1 - 2> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC20, RC100, RC300
controlmode <room \| outdoor> heating circuit RC30, RC35, RC100, RC300
reducemode <nofrost \| reduce \| room \| outdoor> heating circuit RC30, RC35
roomtemp <degrees> heating circuit only v2.2: fake HA-thermostat roomtemp, use -1 to clear
switchtime <nn.d.o.hh:mm> heating circuit only v3: set one of the programs switch times, nn=number(00-42), d=day(0-6), o=on(0,1), hh:mm=time, d=7 or o=7 clears